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As social media in the Gulf continues its exponential growth, opportunities for social media advertising for B2B businesses in the UAE have also expanded. Today, the most dynamic advertising environments for are on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each social media platform provides advertisers with access to a different prospect profile.


B2B concept.jpgEvery B2B business needs a continuous stream of fresh leads to maintain growth and stay ahead of its competitors. Social media advertising has emerged as one of the key battlegrounds for the tussle over customers.


With so many B2B customers now actively using social media to do their due diligence on brands, search for information, inspiration, and peer or network-based knowledge, no B2B brand can afford to ignore it.



Platform, Platform, Platform



B2B brands are continuously looking to strategically attract a finely targeted audience. With their extended purchase decision cycle, in B2B, and heavy reliance on information, social media advertising in the UAE has emerged as a cost-effective medium.


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With social media pushing their users away from organic search to paid search, b2b marketers need to be clear about where to spend their money. Rather than adopting a shotgun approach and investing time and money on every social channel, the three social media platforms providing the best results for B2B are:


  • LinkedIn
  • FaceBook
  • Instagram


With B2B decision-makers expanding their use of social networks for information gathering and research, B2B marketers are presented with an opportunity to reach their audience and influence their buying decisions on the same platforms.



If you are a B2B brand and you only opt for one social media platform, go for LinkedIn. With 260 million users based in 200 countries and active in 20 languages, LinkedIn is catnip for B2B marketers. The key power of LinkedIn is its ability to make fresh contacts and forge relationships.

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From a marketing standpoint, LinkedIn allows you to run advertising that can be extremely targeted by location, industry, title, company and other demographics.


LinkedIn also enables advertisers to nurture their brand profile and stake a claim for thought leadership. LinkedIn Groups is the hotspot for this activity. Currently, advertisers have the choice of over one million LinkedIn Groups, many with a highly targeted industry focus.


As always, the most effective networking happens through the comments function and status setting.  While LinkedIn remains the doyen of B2B advertisers, the platform is not without its challenges.


Here are the five most common mistakes advertisers make with their LinkedIn campaigns:


  • Not conducting initial audience research.
  • Not targeting an audience tightly enough.
  • Not testing effectively.
  • Not optimizing creative for clicks or attention.
  • Not mining your analytics for useful insights.


Providing you don’t fall into these traps, LinkedIn via its company page feature facilitates your ability to showcase your brand. LinkedIn is a smart platform to position your company with your potential audience, share your thinking and content, and encourage website traffic to your website.


However, one of the more dynamic features of LinkedIn, particularly for B2B sales, is LinkedIn’s underlying facility to research a target prospect on a professional level. Moreover, you can easily discover if there is an option for a warm introduction via one of your LinkedIn connections.



Facebook advertising.jpg


With over a billion active users, Facebook is a “must-have” advertising platform for targeting a segmented audience. Executed strategically, Facebook provides the perfect platform to launch a B2B advertising campaign. In the Middle East, Facebook has 136 million monthly users and has seen its active monthly users triple since 2012.


Facebook is the heavyweight champion of social media platforms. With more active users than any other platform in the world, it’s an ideal channel for B2B brands. What’s more, B2B brands can target their audience specifically based on their activity.


While Facebook is a powerful advertising vehicle used correctly, there are pitfalls to advertising on Facebook.


Here are seven of the most common B2B advertiser mistakes:


  • You don’t have any goals: Set clear goals, be they new page “Likes”, post-advertising engagement such as email opt-ins and website click throughs.


  • You’re using the wrong ad format: Facebook rolls out new ad formats continuously. Check out the available ad types carefully, before choosing the one best suited to your audience and goals.


  • You only have one ad set


  • You use too much text in your ads


  • Your images aren’t optimized for Facebook


  • Your images aren’t eye-catching


  • You aren’t testing your ads: A crime in the social media fraternity, where the motto is test, test and test again!


If you are looking to target an audience based on their age, gender, relationship, or any other demographic, Facebook advertising is the platform for you. You can even target friends of users who like your page for seeding conversation starters and extending your brand’s reach.




The power of advertising on Instagram is the platform enables you to share your stories in a creative environment with a highly engaged audience. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, drive quality traffic to your website, or increase your customer conversion rate, Instagram advertising can help you.


Instagram’s unique enhanced advertising formats help drive results, whether from raising brand awareness to driving a call-to-action.


Instagram’s three advertising formats include:


  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads


Instagram on Facebook.png

When Instagram merged with Facebook, social media advertising stepped up a gear. The Facebook Ads platform is bundled with sophisticated audience targeting tools and diagnostics. This rich analytic dashboard is now available to Instagram advertisers.



Compelling Content


The savviest social media advertising in the UAE runs on highly creative content that is relevant to their buyers and position in such a way as to encourage readers to share it across their own social networks. If your content is not up to scratch, your campaign will suffer and your brand image will languish.



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Regardless of which social media platform or mix of platforms you adopt for your social media advertising, it is important to anchor your campaign on a clear strategy, a well-defined target audience and an in-depth understanding of the role each social media platform plays in your campaign.


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