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Search engines enjoy a gluttonous appetite for content. High quality, cut through content is as pivotal to your SEO marketing strategy performance as it is to recruiting a steady stream of visitors to your website.


Increasingly, the key to driving ever-higher volumes of visitor traffic to your website is creating an effective SEO strategy and mapping the fit of your existing and planned content against your SEO marketing objectives.


A key outcome of this mapping exercise is identifying the holes in your SEO strategy and plugging it with tailored content designed to enhance your SEO ranking.



Golden Twins: Relevancy and Usefulness


From an often-bewildering spectrum of digital marketing techniques, content marketing has emerged as a critical skill set for business owners. This new generation of content is optimized for searcher intent, facilitating its sharing via social networks with the objective of arresting reader attention and subsequently engaging readers at their point of information need.


Initially, content marketing was worshipped at the altar of “relevancy” in the belief that potential readers valued the most relevant content, making “relevancy” a holy grail for content marketers.


 More recently, however, the evolution of Google and other search engine algorithms increasingly rewards content with a second value layer: “usefulness”. Consequently, we now see “usefulness” overlaid on “relevancy” creating a fresh objective for content development.


We are seeing content prioritized on intent, striking distance, search volume, and conversion metrics. Achieving this frequently involves removing branded keywords and low search volume keywords to obtain more effective rankings.



Identifying Easy SEO Content Wins


SEO Marketing Strategy.jpgOnce your SEO marketing strategy has identified clear goals, look for which content delivers against those goals. Work through your brand’s landing pages and ensure they are SEO optimized, craft fresh content and ensure your images and videos are similarly optimized.


 Conduct a thorough review of your website analytics and ranking tools to identify opportunities to lift incremental traffic volumes through working your existing content assets harder.


 Sift through those “striking distance” keywords, which rank on page two of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Migrating “striking distance” keywords to page one from page two carry the potential to drive substantial incremental website and traffic revenue.


 Prioritize your focus on keywords with a high conversion rate for paid search, which has the potential to drive significant traffic volumes based on intent. These keywords should frame your SEO targeting, particularly with Google’s new paid search layouts shuffling organic search down the page.



Content Gap Analysis


Run a gap analysis across each stage in your brand’s customer journey. Ensure you have content assets, which map against each phase in the buying cycle. Content enables your brand to capture the attention of potential buyers and nurtures prospects’ engagement at the point of need as they progress through the buying cycle.


These days, most business owners are aware of the importance of appearing in search results for high-converting keywords. However, many still fail to adapt their content to reflect the fragmented and frequently chaotic nature of our contemporary search process. Now more than ever, keeping your brand top of mind demands content that is both relevant and useful at each point in the search process.


Each content component should map against a phase in the customer journey and deliver against the buyer’s intent. This mapping exercise should quickly illuminate gaps in your content assets. Naturally, you should be prioritizing developing content which fills out these gaps.



Competitor Profiling


One of the additional benefits of a gap analysis is it frequently illustrates your competition’s SEO strategy. Using one of the many available SEO tools, you can see what keywords your competition is targeting.


Sound SEO marketing strategy always incorporates a view on competitor SEO presence across the customer journey. Target fresh or enhanced content against phases in the customer journey where your competition is weak



Embracing Omni-Channel Digital Marketing Content Needs

As retail moves to embrace omni-channel digital marketing strategies, SEO still suffers from poor inter-departmental liaison. Content continues to be developed in isolation and this resulting silo strategy represents a drag on SEO marketing performance.


Extending your content gap analysis across internal departments and external agencies are proving an effective approach to eliminating sub-optimal SEO optimized content emerging unannounced.


Again, all content should be prioritized based on a matrix of intent, search volume potential and opportunity size. As an asset class, any resulting content should be suitable for promotion via both paid search and your brand’s social channels.



The Power of Social Listening


SEO marketing strategy Dubai - Incycle marketing.pngOne of the best techniques for powering an SEO strategy capable of driving increased website traffic is the emerging art of social listening. Customer feedback has always been an important source of information for marketers.


In the digital age, gaining a detailed perspective on your owned social landscape within the context of its competitive set is a powerful source of inputs for any SEO strategy. Moreover, social listening is a proven technique for distilling the major social trends from social conversations. These trends uncover new keywords for inclusion in SEO marketing.


Coupling social listening with influencer marketing is a great means of dialing up website visits and visitor engagement levels.



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Creating an SEO strategy by leveraging your existing content is a highly effective way to drive increased website traffic volumes. In addition to being highly cost-effective thanks to its ability to leverage existing content assets, it provides a dynamic framework for prioritizing content development. Building out relevant and useful content based on user intent can transform website readership and engagement levels, helping drive revenue streams.

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