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B2B organisations were late coming to Facebook. While B2C brands adopted the Facebook platform in droves, B2B brands struggled to understand how they could adapt their information and education heavy lead generation strategies and physical sales forces to appeal to Facebook’s users.

Facebook for B2B responds more to useful information and posted resources; particularly content this is compelling and easy to share



3 Compelling Facebook Statistics


3 Compelling Facebook Statistics.jpgNo one doubts the Facebook B2B audience is not there. Everyone from CEOs and CIOs through to buyers and procurements managers is now online on Facebook. However, connecting with them from a marketing perspective isn't always easy. Three quick statistics sum up Facebook’s potential for B2B marketers in Dubai.


  • Facebook has 136 million monthly users in the Middle East
  • 93 percent of Facebook users access it on mobile
  • 55 percent of young Arabs (18-24), use Facebook daily


With a new generation of customers entering the workplace, advertisers need to think of Facebook as an ecosystem. Graduates and employees used to connecting with family and friends in Dubai on Facebook are looking to use the same social media for commercial purposes.



3 Critical Components of Successful Facebook Ads


3 keys of Successful Facebook Ad.jpgSimply creating a company page and posting on Facebook, while a promising first step won’t put your brand firmly on the path to commercial nirvana. Posts need to complemented by engaging Facebook ads customized for your audience.

To ensure you are spending your advertising budget sensibly, ensure your ad creative follows the three golden rules:


  • Engaging Visuals Work: Facebook’s algorithm loves image based content and visually arresting ads are more likely to be shared across your reader’s network


  • Attractive Value Propositions Are A Must: Clearly articulate why readers should click on your ad to learn more about your brand or offer


  • Strong Call-To-Action (CTA): Aesthetically pleasing ads are lovely, but without a motivating CTA, your reader may not know what to do next. Always include a sense of urgency!


Check each advertising creative and your brand will not only engage with your audience, they will stimulate your target audience to respond and that can be money in the bank!



5 Tips For Creating And Executing Outstanding Facebook Advertising


The 5 key components of effective Facebook advertising.jpgLike other forms of advertising, Facebook advertising is all about reach and engagement. To achieve this goal, there are five key aspects to creating and executing fabulous Facebook advertising in Dubai, which brands should always incorporate into their strategy:




1. Extend Your Reach


Setting up a company or brand Facebook page is a sensible first step for any B2B marketing strategy. Your page connects your brand with your followers, enabling you to share your content, information, testimonials, articles and news updates. Unfortunately, that’s only half the job. Every brand needs to continually grow its prospect and customer catchment. However captivating your page may be, it is still limited your followers.


Facebook advertising services in Dubai, enables your brand to transform your reach even while still precisely targeting your ideal prospects. Those 136 million monthly Facebook users in the Middle East could potentially see your brand as sponsored content or adjacent to their newsfeed.


If you are looking to expand your client base in a targeted sector or geography, you can choose to have your ads displayed to Facebook users with a nominated industry or city cited in their profile.



2. Customise Your Audience


Many social media users have a single email address covering all their social media account log ins. Facebook’s Custom Audience feature enables you to upload these email addresses and target the prospects attached to them. You will find Custom Audiences under Campaigns.


You should compare this list against your current followers to ensure you are targeting new prospects.


Your database can also be segmented by demographic to refine your targeting. You can split your database to test creative execution and alternative offers. A targeted message will always outperform a generic advertisement!



3. Target B2B Categories


Facebook advertising services in Dubai enables advertisers to target prospects based on their job or a major life event. This can help your prospecting outreach tap into a continuous pool of new prospects.


When creating your Facebook ad, go to ‘More Demographics’. A pop-up menu will offer demographic options that will further improve your Facebook advertising performance. Some of your demographic choices include:


  • Employer


  • Job Title


  • New Job


Try combining New Job and a specific job title to optimise your reach.



4. Incorporate Incentives


Incentives and offers are every bit as successful for B2B marketers as they are for B2C. Given the extended decision buying associated with B2B purchasing, B2B incentives are usually designed to encourage visits to the brand’s website, email subscriptions of downloads of eBooks and white papers.


By tightly targeting readers, you can encourage visitors to access your content on your website in exchange for their contact details and email addresses, an effective way to build your database.


Incentives also present an opportunity for up selling or cross selling. Using ‘Custom Audience’, advertisers can compile a list of customers who purchased previously and pitch an up-sell or cross-sell offer to them.



5. Retarget Lost Prospects


The ability to retarget lost prospects is a key component in any Facebook advertising campaign. A B2B customer who reviews your products without purchasing is never a lost opportunity. Retargeting via Facebook advertising encourages those customers to visit your website again.


Using Facebook’s ‘Custom Audience’ feature, you can target visitors who previously visited a nominated URL. This URL it can be a landing page as well as a website page, perfect if you have been trialling special offers or incentives.


When a prospect visits that page ‘Custom Audience’ will add them to its list in the Facebook Ads Manager. From there, Facebook will display ads to them, using your existing ads.


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It has taken B2B marketers a while to understand how to create and execute outstanding advertising campaigns on Facebook. Increasingly, B2B marketers in Dubai are discovering how to tweak their creative and targeting techniques to generate fresh leads and retarget lost leads via Facebook advertising services. Following the simple steps outlined above will help your business create and execute effective B2B Facebook advertising and leverage your Facebook advertising to reach and connect with your audience, delivering generate a satisfyingly positive ROI from your ad spend.


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