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Many business owners make the mistake of assuming digital marketing services in Dubai are all the same and that all digital agencies are much the same. However, while other business service providers can save you costs and complexity, the best digital marketing services can be a game-changer for your business.


So, identifying the right digital marketing agency in Dubai for your business to partner with can have a huge impact on your business growth performance, revenue generation, brand positioning, and customer base.  


After all, there is a reason why most businesses use marketing agencies. Tapping into the expertise of an agency is also frequently less expensive than struggling to build a high performing digital team in-house.



Finding The Right Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai For Your Business


In many ways, the immediate health of your business, your brand, and your customer franchise hinges on forging an effective working relationship with the right agency.


Here is our five-step process for identifying the right agency for your business:


1. Understand Your Digital Marketing Needs


Way before you compile your long or short list of Dubai digital marketing agencies, you should do your homework and identify what your business really needs from an agency.


Understand digital marketing needs.jpg

Is it brilliant content matched with fabulous SEO expertise you are after?

Does your brand need a dynamic social media presence?

Or do you prefer to refine your strategy and value proposition before you rush to market?


A typical list of services your future digital marketing agency could provide includes:


a.  Strategy, positioning and value proposition

b.  Inbound marketing

c.  Content creation

d.  Search engine optimization

e.  Social media marketing and management

f.  Search engine marketing

g.  Email marketing

h.  Analytics and Assessment

i.  PPC advertising

j.  Content marketing

k.  Website development

l.  Marketing automation

m.  Remarketing

n.  Blogging


Being able to articulate your needs and identify key priorities is a fundamental prerequisite to having an informed discussion with prospective agencies.



2. Research Your Prospective Agency’s Core Skill Set


Big does not always equal better in the digital agency world. 

Not all agencies are created equal.



Research prospective agency.jpg

If your business is in desperate need of attractive content, an agency specializing in SEO or PPC campaigns may not prove to be the best fit.  Look for the points of connection that indicate if an agency is a fit or not with your business.


Similarly, having experience and expertise in your business sector may also be commercially beneficial in terms of being able to tap into industry expertise.  Don’t be afraid to consider boutique agencies if they have that elusive insights and familiarity with your market and your audience.


Maybe, there are agencies in Dubai whose strategic or creative work you admire. They may not know much about your product or industry but if they understand how to attract prospect and convert them into customers, they may be a compelling option if you want your marketing to stand out and not look like an industry clone.



3. Review Their Recent Work


If, strategically you are looking for a creative campaign with an inviting touch and a slightly irreverent tone of voice to capture attention and drive traffic to your website, check their most recent work and look for staff changes. Do they still have the writer on staff who scripted that campaign you admire or the creative team responsible for that award-winning work?


Don’t be shy when it comes to assessing every aspect of their agency. Run through your checklist and see how the agency rates against its competitors. What type of work have they been doing for clients recently? What are they doing locally versus international examples of their agency’s work?

 Assess digital marketing agency.jpg

Sift through their blog and review their content. Does it reflect the tone of the agency? Do their posts demonstrate a technical mastery of the topic or is it a lightweight filler? This is your opportunity to bring a customer’s perspective to the agency!


Always ask how the agency defines what success looks like? What metrics do they use? Establish how the agency stays on top of what works and what’s not. You’ll want an agency partner that’s open to revisiting tools and techniques rather than just repeating their last campaign.



4. Pricing, Pricing, Pricing


Negotiating price is always the fun part of any agency discussion. Remember many factors can affect price from resource allocation to content rights. Picture your agency’s price as falling on a spectrum.

 Price versus value.jpg

While you don’t want to be paying a Rolls Royce price for a Toyota product (sorry Toyota!), similarly, if the price is too low that can be a worrying indication of either the quality of the work or the stability of the agency.


Clients that screw their agency to the wall on price usually don’t enjoy access to the agency’s premium talent or experience. Businesses that are willing to pay for talent, usually enjoy the pick of the litter to work on their account.



5. Clear And Simple Works


clear expectations.jpgWhen it comes to identifying the right agency for your business it’s always about the fit and their work. Never be afraid to walk away from a negotiation if it doesn’t feel right, and equally be upfront about both your needs and your budget.  Set realistic expectations and be open about where you want to take your business.


In the end, staying firm to your convictions and finding a digital marketing company who is willing to work with your business plan will be a better outcome for all parties involved.



Defining Your Digital Marketing Needs


The online environment is crowded, noisy, and competitive with a herd of businesses trampling the digital dimension in an effort to have their products seen and purchased.  This can make identifying internally the services you really need from a digital marketing agency in Dubai complex, and even occasionally disconcerting.

Identify digital marketing needs.jpg 

With new techniques and trends emerging annually such as mobile-friendly marketing, immersive live video, and influencer marketing all jumping the queue of marketing services, it can be easy to come up with a wish list that reflects the past rather than looking forward to the future.


Here are three techniques to help you and your internal team to identify your marketing needs:


  • Identify Your Target Audience:

Who buys your products or services now? What new audiences fit with your brand? Where do they hang out online and what type of content do they do respond to?


  • Segment Your Market:

Can you tailor your message to refine your targeting? Identify the boundaries of your market segment and understand areas of overlap with complementary audiences.


  • Assess Your Digital Assets and map Your Brands Position On the Maturity Scale:

Do your existing digital assets fit the strategic needs of your brand. If you have an established brand does it need refreshing? If you are launching a new brand you can increase your chances of success by bundling your content with a value proposition that cuts through the clutter.



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Identifying the right digital marketing services in Dubai for your business involves putting a disciplined assessment and evaluation process in place. Few of us build businesses overnight, so don’t expect to identify the right digital marketing agency or the set of digital marketing services you need from them magically overnight.


Do your due diligence, be clear about where your business and your brand sits on the maturity spectrum, focus on what services you really need to take that next step forward to for your business, and above all else, take your time.


Be upfront about your needs, your expectations and your budget and you’ll find the right agency to help you grow your business.

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