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One of the quickest areas to take efficiency gains straight to the bottom line is improved sales productivity. The right sales automation solution can fast track your company’s sales cycle while simultaneously eliminating bottlenecks in your sales processes and allowing your sales force to focus on serving key client accounts.

What Is Sales Automation?

Sales Automation is a software package that automates repetitive tasks including social media, emails, and website content publishing updates. Automation tools specify criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes. These tools then interpret, store, and action the tasks assigned them.


5 Reasons To Invest In Sales Automation

Reasons to invest.jpgIn today’s competitive commercial environment, sales automation has emerged as a “must have” tool. Effectively deployed, sales automation tools can streamline many of the necessary, but time-intensive, manual processes and sales tasks that erode your sales team’s selling time, conferring a range of benefits including:

  1. Opportunity Optimization: Sales automation systems ensure businesses capture potential customers by automating follow-ups and reminders during each phase of the sales pipeline. Sales reps can focus on their customer engagement rather than manual task scheduling
  2. Lead Prioritization: Automatic lead ranking focuses sales reps on priority leads. Colder leads and hotter prospects can be sifted while sales representatives enjoy access to information on deal value and deal closing probabilities
  3. Improved Forecasting: Provides the ability to accurately forecast based on their sales pipeline status
  4. Enhanced Up-Selling and Cross-Selling: Greater insights into customers through customer demographics, historical orders, and customer metrics facilitate up-selling and cross-selling
  5. Fact-Based Sales Coaching: Sales managers are advised of each sales reps’ activities including leads, sales data, and customer contact histories, allowing them to identify areas underperforming sales reps need to focus on.

3 Points of Focus For Sales Automation

sales automation 3-point focus.jpg


The power of sales automation software surfaces in higher sales win rates, reduced the sales cycle times, enhanced sales representatives' productivity and higher revenue. It delivers these benefits by unleashing new capabilities in:


1. Sales Territory Management

Tracking sales territories and lead routing is the foundation platform on which efficient sales forces are built. Instead of using spreadsheets, the CRM core facilities lead management allowing the team to better manage leads and prospects from the time of initial capture until the sale closes.

2. Opportunity Management & Competitor Tracking

Revenue success is directly linked to effectively activating sales opportunities. A sales automation CRM enables the sales function to take advantage of higher volumes of sales opportunities, rather than relying on aggregated lists. In addition, the CRM communicates details on customer pricing and discounts and tracks the progress of each customer transaction from the initial contact to closure. It also tracks competitors to confirm which deals have been lost and which were won, maximizing your ROI.

3. Managing Orders

Your sales automation CRM function manages orders, streamlining the end-to-end fulfillment process while reducing manual paperwork, freeing up sales force time to concentrate on selling. It also helps customer receive their order speedily and efficiently timely lifting customer satisfaction rather and encouraging customer loyalty.


Key Sales Automation Capabilities

An effective sales automation solution is built on customers and their orders. At its heart is a range of core capabilities:Sales automation core capabilities.jpg

  • Fast sales report generation
  • Scheduling management and tracking
  • Digital dashboards
  • Centralized, easily accessed customer intelligence
  • Enhanced sales forecasting and pipeline management

A powerful sales productivity solution will allow the sales force to work their deals via a pipeline up to the time the sale is closed. This provides a dynamic, real-time view of booked orders in the forecast greatly improving the reliability and predictability of your sales forecasting accuracy. The sales force will also be in an improved position to turn an estimate into an order, all done with just a single click of the mouse.

Efficient order management systems give your organization access to the latest order information, sales reps will know when it is time to follow up customers, while your customers will be able to check their order status online in a real-time environment via your website or through your Customer Centre.


Key Considerations In Choosing An Automation Package

There are four key factors to consider in evaluating a potential automation provider:

  • choosing automation package.jpgPlatform functionality: Do the features and functionality align with your needs and objectives? What are the differences between the platforms?
  • Integration Capabilities: Buyers should have the ability to easily integrate their preferred specialty tools. Does a vibrant app/service ecosystem support the software?
  • On-boarding Approach: What are the on-boarding, training, and technical support resources available to clients?
  • Total Cost of Ownership: What costs need to be factored into budgeting to get a clear picture of the total operating cost?


Personalizing Your Customer Journey Via Sales Automation

personalized journey.jpg

Sales automation gives you the ability to create highly personalized journeys for your website visitors, prospects, and customers. The real-time personalization (RTP) function of sales automation enables businesses to leverage their information and customer personas in four key ways to create targeted experiences, increasing a prospect’s propensity to purchase.


  1. Identify your visitors based on attributes such as buyer intent, behaviour, and geography and serve up personalized content including customized call to actions, niche landing pages, and on the fly content.
  2. Attract users via targeted content on PPC advertising or paid promotions on social media.
  3. Build data by logging behaviour and browsing information
  4. Serve up recommended content via engines that match visitor behaviour to predict future interests ensuring prospects see more relevant content


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Marketing automation’s major contribution to an organization’s sales productivity is reducing the overhead of identifying and qualifying a lead while allowing the sales team to focus on what they do best, closing the deal. Sales automation has emerged as an essential tool to make the sales team far more efficient in our highly competitive environment.

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